Privacy Policy

Birthdays - Free

We do not gather, receive, distribute or share your data. What is on your phone stays on your phone.

The free version comes with some restrictions to these principles as described in the following paragraphs...

Internet Connection

The free version of the Birthday app uses your internet connection under the following circumstances:

1. When you request to import your Facebook friends. To read the data and photos from Facebook

2. When posting messages to Facebook. The app does NOT post automatically, you decide when messages are sent

3. To request and serve advertisements

Otherwise there are no data transfers to or from your phone initiated by the Birthday App automatically.


As stated in the description, the app uses coarse location data as provided by your network connection. The location data is used by the third party components serving advertisements and may be transfered from your phone to them.

We do not use, store or transfer the location data in any other way.

Third Party Components

The app includes the following third party components to serve location based advertisements:

Google Admob SDK and AdWhirl SDK: read their privacy policy

Millenial Media SDK: read their privacy policy